know yourself.

Same you, but always different.
A selfie is my self expression: me seeing me, as i am--honest + unadulterated, one moment in time ...and lasting long after. a memory saved of an emotion, a feeling, in a photo. Because we are always moving, changing, evolving, but the evolution is tied to self connection, in that moment. Facing myself,  good + bad, dark + light, because connection begins within. We must be selfish to be selfless.
and until you know yourself, you cannot truly connect to others.

knowing yourself is hard work! We are complicated creatures, constantly changing, and the journey to self connection isn’t simply physical, but mental + spiritual, honest introspection.

What motivates you? What doesn’t?
What do you show up for? stand up for? Fight for?
Where do you find comfort + ease?
What do you crave? repel?
What keeps you up at night? What do you spring out of bed for?
What turns you on? What turns you off? 

We are animals. Instinctual. Intuitive. Creatures of habit.
Our body responds to our surroundings. Excitement, fear, emotion, attraction.
Chemical, physical, sexual. Our answers are inside. It is uncomplicated, really, IF we are present, if we are CONNECTED. How we move. How we eat. How we sleep. How we interact. If you are connected to your body, to your wants, needs, motivations --- you don’t seek outward for fulfillment, you fuel from within. Take note. Food: what makes you feel good? Physical: how does your body feel? Move? Spiritual: where/when do you feel most connected? Sexual: what turns you on?

None of this can be forced. It is connection. It isn’t easy to get to know yourself. To be #selfdefined. That is where the hard work comes in. And it is a journey that never ends. Because we are always changing. Learning. Growing. Evolving, #forever moving forward.

I recently went to a doctor to learn more about myself. Scientifically speaking. Bloodwork, saliva, stool test. TMI - ABSO-fucking-lutely. But mind blowing. I want to learn about my biology. My hormones. My metabolism. Blood. And honestly, you don’t know yourself until you take a stool test. #facts. Facsinating, no doubt, but something I never want to do again.
What you put in your body, how you move your body, how you treat your body - physically + mentally, shows up...My blood is thick. Cholesterol normal. Hormones low, but fine. Iodine low because i don’t eat much salt, not anemic. Metabolism almost too fast-- not digesting enough minerals. No parasites. Cortisol (fight or flight hormone) lowest in the AM. Shocking -- I am most wild in the morning.

All of this is unimportant to you, but point being, Get to know yourself. Do the work. Ask the questions and question others! Learning about others, allows us to learn about ourselves.
Be willing to learn, to grow, to discover.
Every day is different.
Same you but always different.
And until you connect to yourself + look within, you can’t possibly connect to anything, or anyone else. It is as simple as it is be so present you notice how your body responds when you eat something, how your body feels when you move, Your gut reaction when you meet someone: you feel it - or you don’t. Our mind often gets in the way. we can convince ourselves into or out of anything. But if we stay present, stay true, stay connected - we can overcome our thoughts.

Be willing to be selfish in order to be selfless, to get to know you - first.
It is hard work to #livyoung. Work worth signing up for.
face yourself to free yourself.
Are you up to the challenge?

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