How do you see yourself? How you see yourself is a reflection of how you are seen. Take note. If you limit yourself, you will be limited. If you accept less than your worth, you will receive less than your worth. So, are you worthy? Of Success? Love? Respect? Happiness? What fuels your worth? External approval or self actualization? Can you find self worth within? 

To find worth, you have to do the work — to Get to know yourself, to learn yourself to earn your love for self. Because if you don’t love you, who will? this goes for All of us. Single or taken: Your relationship with yourself is where you spend most time. What you say to yourself, you actually hear. How do you speak to yourself? With confidence or self doubt? Honestly or chock full of lies? Listen.

Listen to the judgement you carry within --- Notice if you project that onto others. Judgement of others is most often a projection of our own insecurity. And judgement will always exist. Never let it allow you to judge yourself.

If you discount yourself, you will be discounted

If you doubt yourself, you will be doubted.  

If you limit yourself, you will be limited.

I used to be that girl. And looking back to when I allowed second best to define me, I now know it was exactly what I thought of myself. But never again will I be that girl, who settles for less than her worth. Choose to be your first choice. And you will be chosen first. It’s time to get honest. we fight ourselves daily. Are you willing to choose ease over resistance? To Own your shit. To choose you? it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. 
Confidence over everything. Flowthruthefight. #workhard #livyoung

Olvia YoungComment