liv full


if you want to liv a full life
stop filling space w empty
empty plans
empty calories
Empty relationships
Empty Conversations
With noise.
Start to listen.

notice what comes up when you come down—
In stillness + silence,
Does your mind wander to what was or what should be? Does your body tense up anxiously?
Do you reach for the drink or the cell phone or the need to move?
Can you find a way to silence the noise, to find solace in stillness,
To fuel your life instead of
Filling your time?

Start now.
get to know yourself here, today.
Start to recognize your habits. Particularly those When you feel most unsettled,
When your bored, It's easy to grab the second glass of wine, the pint of ice cream
Or scroll anxiously on instagram to yearn for someone else's life.
When you’re lonely: it's easy to reach out to for unfulfilling plans to fill empty space,
Empty conversation to cover up uncomfortable silence
a second date because you can't bear being alone.
But are you fueling your life
Or filling your time?

We are humans, with feelings, that change moment to moment.
No one is perfect, but we are capable of calm.
Of filling space with breath
Or fueling body with good
Food, thoughts, people, love.

Because in moments of unsettled energy,
The easiest thing to do is fill empty space - with food, drink, negativity, empty connection.
How often do you fill your calendar back to back with appointments + social plans,
So you can hide from the discomfort of looking within? How often do we make excuses for ourselves, for our actions that are not leading back to clarity but rather pushing us farther away from what we want, because it “makes sense?”

But You're not doing anyone a favor by committing to plans you have no interest in or
Taking a meeting because it's the right thing to do
Or going on a date because he's a nice guy
Consider that if you feel it is a waste of your time,
You're also wasting theirs.

I am far from perfect, But i’m self aware enough to know when i’m resisting or in my flow,
When i’m fueling my life instead of filling my time. But after years of filling empty space, i now choose fuel. Fuel my body, my mind, my calendar, my heart.
I have learned to trust myself, To listen when my intuition sends me a sign,
To notice when my mind starts to defeat me, to doubt. When my boredom leads me to drink a 5pm glass of wine, or pop in the candy store for a piece or two. I no longer chase the dark eyed men who aren’t worthy of my attention, employ people who don’t respect me, or make social plans for fear of being alone.

I made a commitment to myself, to learn more about me everyday so that i can liv full --
To learn what works for me, by knowing what doesn’t: food, love, work, fitness, in life.
I eat to enjoy
I move to sweat,
I sleep to reset,
I create to contribute, to share.
I connect, because my heart loves to love.
And When i am less than my best, i am less than my best.


When you connect to yourself,
When you fuel your life, instead of fill your time,
You start tapping into living, rather than existing.
You start feeling more + thinking less,
Fueling more + filling less.

It is hard work to livyoung,
But if you put in the work to know yourself first,
If you stop filling your time with empty,
You will learn to love yourself, to love your life,
to livyoung.

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