liv in color


Just reminiscing about all those years spent convincing myself that settling in any area of life was even an option. #tbt

Going after what you want starts with actually recognizing what that is:
in work, life, love, + the like. figure out what works for you.
and be willing to understand that what you want can change over + over,
just as who you are changes, evolves every day. Same you, but always different.

Trust yourself enough to know that there is no feeling in planning,
and no present in future.
Think big but stay humble.
Be willing to do the work,
to know yourself
to connect to you--
before you connect to others.
It is never too late to start. And start over again.

no comparison. No judgement.
Everyone is on their own path. In their own story. It isn't easy but it doesn't have to be that follow your dreams. to ask for what you want. To ask for more. once you recognize that you're worth more, you will stop settling for less.
Own your sh*t,
liv w out limit +
embrace you as you--all of you.
Life is not only black + white, but it doesnt have to be so grey.
Choose to liv in color.
Liv, don't limit.
#workhard #livyoung

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