a love letter


I never loved my body. So it never loved me.
Sounds simple no? So why do we make it so complicated? Energy is everything.
it took me the better part of my life to stop fighting myself — to embrace my shape, and my drive— to apply what is simply just self love, love yourself, livyoung. But it is not a destination — rather a journey, of self discovery, introspection, learning to live as you, with you, in you —your body, your mind, your heart. I learn more about me everyday. And learning to love my dark parts along the way — my habits, defaults, imperfections. My hurt + my hopes — to make room for my dreams.

It took a professional photo shoot, and a bottle of wine, for me to expose me, to see me — My body! My form! This vessel in which i live, the vessel i work hard on every day — moving, breathing, sweating… to share such photos not for you but for me. To face myself - to free myself.

Because what is sexier than owning the skin you live in?
Sure Ill always wonder what it would feel like to have boobs like @emrata
Or long legs like Gisele, but when all is said and done,
the body I liv In is my home, my own —
the vessel that holds all my answers,
fosters my gut, my intuition that tells me when to run or to stay,
guards, protects + cages my heart,
all in tandem with my mind that both doubts me + drives me + my
breath that challenges me, fuels me, and forces me to be present here + now.
My body, my brain, my breath - my life.
I am a sum of my parts
and along for the ride more than ever To put in the hard work,
to get to know myself more —- so i can be more of me to you,
both messy + sexy, done up + undone.

A love letter from me
To me
Because if I dont love me, who will?

So —-to the body i’ve loved + hated,
filled + emptied,
fueled + deprived,
fought with + against,
connected with + disconnected from — thank you for always showing me the way. testing my resilience, pushing me harder, holding me up and slowing me down.
its our time. we’re in this together baby — one life, head, heart whole.
thank you body for protecting me. i’m ready to let love in, for me, from me. we got this.
lets #flowthruthefight.

Now its your turn. I dare you to write you a love letter. i did.
Happy Valentines Day. #workhard #livyoung
more thoughts on love, here: http://www.livyoung.co/blog/2018/9/12/love

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