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#new moon vibes
Do I believe in it?
Sure, but not as much as I believe in myself.
Let me explain:
I don’t use moon energy or other energy as a reason, cause or excuse for my energy.
Like with people, for example -- if someone leaves me feeling some type of way, gives me a bad vibe: i have a choice -- i can see the energy + react to it, or just let it be, without influencing me. I can Vibe higher.
Michelle Obama said it best - “when they go low, we go high.”
I want to stay high, even when energy makes me feel low — I want to rise above.

So new virgo moon, I hope you bring me love, light, focus, success and great intentions --
Moreso I hope you harness my love, potential, energy + allow me to thrive in it, raise me higher.
But before i rise higher, i first have to know where i stand.
Self awareness is the foundation. It starts with you.
face yourself to free yourself.
That internal focus and awareness is where growth begins + ends, as opposed to blaming or crediting external ideals for growth or failure.

So new moon vibes: I see myself + the habits id like to break,
The emotions I haven’t yet tapped into -- i know there is more to feel.
I see my penchant for control, my skillful will fill headstrong conviction --
Im good at control.
New moon, i think it’s time for me to let loose a little,
Lean in a bit,
To let go a bit.

To know yourself is to grow yourself
Full moon or not
Evolution is a choice, To evolve into or out of…
I am going to take this opportunity to dig deeper,
Evolve out of bad habits and into better ones
and consider even losing control, in the best way.

And as i ferociously type this in the back of my taxi, rushing from one task to the next
My cab driver turned around and said, “miss can I ask you something? what means,
don’t sweat it?”
There are no accidents
At that very moment that was the universe, the energy, and my intuition, reminding me
To breathe into
To let go of
dont sweat it
You are in control of your actions + reactions
The moon is just there to guide you back to your intuition
Back to your gut
Back to all the answers
You already have
Total eclipse of the head + the heart.
Forever moving forward.

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