Self motivated, no doubt. I work hard to #livyoung.
So who coaches me?
You are my coach.
I am my motivation.
Because, If you’re not first your last--
and your only competition, is you. Your motivation is staring at you in the mirror. #flowthruthefight

it isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be so hard.
My motto for life,
Or relationships,
Or business,
Or a workout.
I take on challenge with balance of effort + ease -- not sacrificing my intensity. I #flowthruthefight, dance thru opposition, with strength: rather than resistance. No matter the situation: fitness, business, love, life, ““It” isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be so hard" Is a perspective, an outlook, a lifestyle.” I channeled this mindset via physical exertion, @traininglab, box + flow, @lyonsden, as a choice, i push myself physically beyond my self imposed limits to overcome mental obstacles, because i will always be my harshest critic + biggest fan.

And everyday, every moment, i have a choice to get out of my own way,
to be my best self, my true self, to see my full potential --- or not
But i show up. i run fast, to move free, to feel --- self motivated.
And the question becomes, who coaches me?
I am forever a student + a teacher,
Guided by the coaches who push me to be my best self.
Who challenge + empower, not from ego but from heart. I chose Ruben (seen above)
and he chose me, (and Bethany @lyonsden)
but he doesn’t make me better
He makes me
Want to be better.
that is the power of leadership.
My fitness is a way of being -- i #workhard, physically + mentally to overcome limitations in my mind, which allows my body to keep pushing forward, to #livyoung. The question remains: can I overcome my self imposed limitations? and as I shed the layers of excuses, doubt + fear
holding me back, I recenter, reconnect, find freedom within,
As a choice
As a feeling
That only I can give myself,
With the support guidance and opposition of strong people around me,
in my leotard
In my skin, I #flowthruthefight
I choose me.
because if you’re not first your last
and your only competition, is you.
#workhard #livyoung