Perspective is how we shift it all around, how we view one thing - differently: what we have vs what we don’t, half full vs half empty. I woke up yesterday feeling worried. I laced up my sneakers and raced out the door with heavy feet to grey skies. Earphones in, box + flow playlist 90 on + confronted with choice, I chose to shift my perspective.

I run thru New York City daily. This city brought me to life. It set my soul on fire. I run to feel the energy around me, connections + missed connections, the connected + disconnected. New York is a place where dreams are realized, created + crushed every day. The city opens up to you, if you’re open. #perspective The grey skies + my heavy feet became lighter with my choice to focus on what I have, rather than what I don't. With ease over resistance, New York City teaches me to be grateful. I have a body that moves, a heart that connects, a spirit that lifts, a mind that wanders + focuses all the same. Running thru New York is an awakening- there is filth + freedom. Sadness + hope. It is just about perspective.

We always want what we don’t have. Ego vs. Heart.
We want the chase, but not the commitment.
We want to ‘lose weight’, but fixate on the doughnut.
We wake up Monday + can’t wait for the weekend.
But what if we shifted perspective + focused on what we have instead of what we don’t?
Keep in mind that someone is always behind you who wants what is yours.
Whether that is because they really want it (heart) or because you have it (ego).

Saturday 5am wake up with purpose: workout + rinse before teaching my 10:45am class.  #ninjachic leotard + leggings on, followed by coffee + intense conversation, leaving my brain needing a pause. So I shut down my cell phone + took myself to see I Feel Pretty. I left the movie rejuvenated, confident + with no plans until a bumble match buzzed + offered to meet him + friends for a drink. Spontaneity + mezcal fuel me, even in sneakers + my spandex second skin. After a quick bargain blowout, I buzzed by. We had short banter before he excused himself + left me with his friends for 15 minutes while he chatted with others at the bar. Good people, no doubt, but I wasn’t there for them, so i dipped. Apology texts ensued, particularly one offering me to get dressed + meet him for dinner. Fancy meals + high heels are fab, but they aren’t the key to my heart —Take me to a dark bar + tell me your fears + i'll really listen. Easier said than done, but feels much better than it sounds. 

I left the date depleted + disappointed, until i shifted my perspective: I used to be a girl who would wait while a date ignored me, or legitimize the text that never arrived. Not anymore. I started to value me. In my leotard, sneakers + fresh blowout, I took the town, found fun friends, sipped cocktails + city hopped in spandex until 2am, + came home to savor canned sardines with my hands. My time, my choice. My glass is half full.

What if you were to find gratitude in what you have rather than focus on what you dont?
You can chase dreams but you can’t change others. The only thing you can control is you.
Your time, your perspective, your life. It is not about what I don’t have because reality is, I have everything I need inside. So do you.

#workhard #livyoung