I use to be an epic planner.
Over planner. Over thinker. Over anxious. Over achiever. Over worrier.
And then I found my feet.
My grounding. My presence. My purpose. My value. Not defined by any Thing. Any One. Any job (title or compensation). or boyfriend. Any past history, or future plan.
Only defined
I checked in. Ever focused on feeling — My feelings. Less, thinking, more feeling — Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. And
everything changed.
I stopped planning the wedding before the first date -
Stopped worrying about the menu before I got to dinner,
Stopped considering the outfit two weeks before the event,
Stopped planning the exit strategy, the sell, before starting the business

caring about what others thought of me,
Because I found my value
I stopped judging others,
Because I stopped judging me — what I have, what I don’t.
Because I’ve got what I need. In real time.
I am enough.

An over planner, runs on thoughts — but I retired.
Now I run on emotion. But I feel everything.
The judgement. The fear. The insecurity. All propelled upon me.
I don’t let it influence, but I can’t help but feel its energy.
The test is not to let it overcome. The test is to stay connected—Centered, heart open, head high, feet forward. But I was recently challenged to think more
To plan
To consider,
And it scares me——Because its easier for me to be present Than to be planning.
I like being here.
But I know that now more than ever, It is time to make bigger moves.
Ive laid the foundation.
I know where I am, I know who i am. I know what I have,
But i want more. There is future, in this life.
There is potential, not yet defined.
There is power — longevity, resilience
And fear.
And I feel it all.
But im going to stand taller in it, stare at it in the eyes,
And walk right thru it.
With a sense of ease.
With the flow that ive found, since finding my feet.
With my power in presence, I’m going to lean in.
I’m going to flowthruthefight.
And take the risks, out of my comfort zone.
To do what, you might ask?
Well to start, run a half marathon, or a marathon - push myself farther.
Box even more — maybe even fight? Why not. Faster hands, better form, stronger center.
And im going to build
The business that I want, with all of the fixings — The brand, the books, the box + flows, the products. The plans, the strategy, the partner, the team. Fuck it - the army, around me. To support my dreams, to build with me.
And love? I’m going to build that too. The best love. The balanced kind,
the family— the better together kind of love.
but with no plan,
No thinking,
Just feeling.
Because I know that if I lead with love,
From me.
If I have love,
For me,
Love will always
Find me.
Ease over resistance, Balancing along the way -
The big plans, the no plans, the past plans —
They all begin,
Where I am
With what I have
With my feet. #flowthruthefight
#workhard #livyoung