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Every day we wake up with a choice, to hold on or let go. To fight or to flow. It sounds simple. It is. You choose your Perspective.
Is the weight that you’re carrying heavy or light? Are you holding beach balls or bowling balls into your life? And when the weight is heavy—more fight than flow, can you lessen the load? To flow thru the fight? 

See we tell ourselves stories. About the past. Or the future. About who we were, or who we want to be…So much so that we forget who we are, now.
But our self imposed rules silence the present, our intuition —- instead,
We think instead of feel.
We plan instead of play.

What if we let go of our histories, our rules, our perfectly unpredictable plans, and find some wiggle room within? See rigidity creates expectation.
Expectation leads to disappointment.

Our rules tell us we can’t do “this” or be “that.” But only thing real is our ability to feel. How can you feel what you want, if you’re only thinking about what you shouldn’t?

We waste time focusing on the past -- shackled to our “should haves,” what could have been different. But the past is no longer our present. The weight that we carry from yesterday is ours to let go of today.

We handcuff ourselves to the future, forgetting where we are now, in hopes of where we will be, 
but perfect plans are perfectly unpredictable. 

What if we let go of the burdens bogging us down, the boulders of the past + potential for the future, where we were or might be?
What if we look at our experiences, good + bad and see them as they are?
What if we get so real with ourselves, so clear with ourselves, that we start making decisions from intuition, Not impulse. From heart, Not ego.
Decisions not from fear but from what’s real, with integrity, always --- a confident balance of both ego + heart. Letting go of our rules, our should haves +  have to’s,
To be who we are.
Are you willing to break your own rules?
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