sexy, selfie, self love.


Sexy is a feeling
confidence is a choice
do you choose you?

what do you see when you look in the mirror? judgement and/ or comparison?
or do you just see you?
love or hate
fear or opportunity
worthy or unworthy?
what do you see?
consider that how you see yourself, is likely how you see others.
how can you love another if you do not love yourself?
how can you find freedom outside if there is none within?

Sexy is a feeling
confidence is a choice
do you choose you?

it is hard work to love yourself, to livyoung.
my name is olivia,
to me hard work often comes easy
it is the living, the celebrating, the livyoung part ---
that has always been more challenging.
don’t believe it? scroll down my @instagram to anything prior to 2 years ago +
find one photo of me.
no such thing.
ironic, i know - considering i throw selfies up like i drink beer
but it wasn't until i faced myself, that i freed myself.
that i saw myself so that i could share me with the world
it wasnt until i was comfortable enough with me, to be seen, and
to embrace sexy as a confidence, a swagger,  a feeling.

we judge + compare + carry so much concern for others and what they think - or don't think,
that we lose sight of us -- our wants, needs, dreams -- who we are.
but it is a choice, to lean in, let go and be #selfdefined,
a choice we make over and over again,
to love ourselves,
to choose confidence over insecurity. Our choice.

box + flow is my way to share this feeling, this message. that thru hard work (physically, mentally, spiritually) thru resistance to find ease, we create balance and find connection within,
because It is hard work to liv young, to love yourself.

I #flowthruthefight everyday
to celebrate me. confused? come take class.
curious? come take class.
no mirrors, just you, a bag + a mat, your fight + your flow,
we sweat thru darkness to find light,
surrounded by people who want to feel, to connect, who are willing to #flowthruthefight.

be willing to face yourself, to free yourself, perhaps to forgive yourself.
it is hard work to love yourself.
but if you dont love you, who will? #workhard #livyoung

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