startup life


I asked for what I wanted,
And it came with so much more - both blessing + burden
more than I bargained for and sometimes I just want a hug.
Want to talk about startup life? Owning your own business is
powerful, and painful — connected + isolated. #balance, perhaps?
My analogy for life, to flowthruthefight,
To ease thru transitions, thru the darkness we find light
But let me tell you —
Nothing about owning a business is easy,
Except that you own your time, and with it comes the burden of managing it properly.
At a job, at a desk, you can phone it in -
but when you work for yourself, your best work is your best self.
So often it feels I Say no more than yes,
And I much prefer yes.
My biggest lesson to date: everyone is your friend, as long as they’re paid.
The irony is - I opened this space fo find freedom in me, to share my message
Of balance, to give back what I get, thru hardwork, the physical + mental —
To livyoung, to let go, to be my best self.
My opportunity to take the risk, was personal — not opportunistic.
I want to change the world, how we see ourselves, to share a feeling,
and sure with risk, comes reward. So I opened box + flow 2 years ago,
And 3 months ago tore it open to add shinier things.
With it, my life feels under construction, ive torn myself open too— so it seems.
Polarizing you could say — to be so extreme, But thats what makes me, me.
And without darkness, there is no light, without fight there is no flow. without hardwork there is no celebration. The goal is finding balance within,
And since ive opened, ive found my light—
My self definition: I liv in color, I dance in my sleep,
but only because I relate much closer to darkness,
to struggle, to fight. So light thru darkness, my forever challenge.
And thru this transition, box + flow 2.0 x livyoung, im trying.
But sometimes it feels like I can’t get ahead. So I breathe, I move, I sweat, I flow.
The physical for me, Brings me back to balance within,
At least for a moment
Before the stress begins.
Because while no one said it was easy, im just wondering if it has to be this hard?
But that choice—is up to me. To switch my perspective, to #flowthruthefight.
progress requires patience. no challenge, no change.
i can do this.

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