i post a picture after every @boxandflow class. Of stillness, silence, shavasana. surrender. The sweetness after the struggle. Calm after the storm. The best part.
What I dont post is me quietly heading into my office to find a seat on the floor, for a brief moment alone. To ground myself — after giving all i have to a group of incredible humans who have given me the same … If they’ve allowed themselves to get there, to be vulnerable, get messy - here. if they were present enough to open up, be themselves, for just 45 minutes with no judgement or comparison, of self or otherwise.
We sweat, shake, breathe, move, rise, fall, push, pull, fight, and flow.
together, we Fill up + let go. For ourselves and with eachother.

Connection is a choice.
Confidence is a choice.
Surrender is a choice.
We all have the ability.
to show up + leg go.,
to dig deeper, feel more, and be just as we are, undone.
that is a gift — your gift, uniquely you.
to be here. now. present.

Energy is everything. and after ive given my all, I too need to take a pause.
For a brief moment, In stillness + silence. To be me.
Back to balance. equilibrium. connection from within.

This is for the teachers, who give + get.
And the students who do the same.
This is for us. All of us.
who show up. and give more.
For clarity. For balance. For surrender. #sunday

#Workhard. #livyoung.

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