it’s not going to be what you want
until you allow it to become what you want it to be.
progress requires patience. Pace > race.
believe it or Not, I used to be much faster, in life.
Ive always been the same human, with significant gumption, and a whole lot of fire.
And while i still lead with heat, ease has overcome me in a way i sure admire --- Ive embraced the fact that life is a marathon, not a race
And it isn’t until we slow down, that we can recognize all that there is, what we have rather than what we don’t. Pre @boxandflow, i would wake up 5am just the same,
Sneakers on, 20 degree weather, to run sub 6 minute miles
Seeking to feel anything but my feelings.
So my exposed hands would numb so much that i wouldn’t feel anything at all
I used to move so fast to fill my time rather than fuel my life and then anxiously plan what was next,
without digging deeper into what i had started. And while it sure seems I move fast today, ive embraced pace over race more than ever--Because ive learned that progress takes patience.
It isn’t about how fast rather how long--how resilient, how strong.
Can you stay strong when things get tough. Can you hold on, with ease? Can you #flowthruthefight --- find lightness in times of angst. Can you just breathe?
Business is challenging. Love is challenging. Humans are challenging. Life is challenging.
But I believe that sustainability is the key to success.
The best brands didn’t build over night. it takes years to create a movement.
The best chefs aren’t born that way - they cook to hone their crafts-- to create recipes that take time to develop and evolve.
The most effective teachers practice for years, by teaching. Athletes, same — sure some people are born with natural skill but practice + perseverance win the race. Bestsellers don’t wake up and write a bestselling novel, they try and try again until something sticks. And while I don’t know quite perfectly from experience, I believe the best love grows greater over time. Passion is different. It’s delicious, no doubt -- but there is no pace in passion. It is hot. So hot. Until its not.
So you can light it up --- the idea, the business, the sex…
You can make it hot --- the business, the brand, the dating,
But can you keep it hot?
Sustainability is the key to success. Pace > race.
I’m in it to win it. My life, that is.
My business will build slowly. When I find real love, that will too. I’m not seeking the quick fix any longer. I want to build something that evolves, that inspires, that is so sticky, and delicious, that it lasts. And that, takes resilience, hard work + celebration, but i’m willing to #flowthruthefight to keep it hot, for a very long time. #workhard #livyoung

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