work hard + livyoung ( + a recipe)


my hustle + motivation is what grounds me, keeps me centered, focused, yet free.
it is my blessing + my curse -- gives me freedom + drives me mad. asking for help is a new skill - a new area - unchartered territory. im used to just buckling up + getting shit done.

here is a snap shot of my day:

  • 530am wakeup. later than usual. nespresso. sweet potato + coconut oil, crushed pepper + sea salt. eat with hands while ferociously typing my anxious feelings about my unpcoming birthday.

  • 630am write, answer emails, sneakers on. off to yoga.

  • 7am yoga at lyons den chelsea

  • 815am race to noho + teach box + flow

  • 930am meeting at box + flow

  • 11am coffee + snacks: body wanted brazil nuts, dates, la colombe coffee + apple for crunch.

  • rush home to reconnect, re-center + recommit to my day and myself. with constant movement + mind on, i am best when im breathing, at a normal not belabored pace. (this is where the yoga comes in)

  • 1130 emails, shower, glamsquad, hair, makeup, dress (as i write this + answer emails)

  • 130pm purewow photoshooot top 100 women (reason to celebrate, no?) -- uber breaks down on the way. a good moment to reminder + slow down.

  • 330pm - 530pm meetings into

  • 630 date (gotta make time + space for love)

  • the rest is up for grabs

i am packed with plans but planning doesnt suit me. i dont own an alarm clock or a calendar. i know where i need to be, often a few moments behind + breathe thru the process. i coach myself as i coach my students to lean in with ease - grounded in confidence, committed to self. but my journey is bigger than me, which is where my team comes in. where i start to ask for help. where i make space for fresh ideas, perspectives, opinions + conversations. asking for help is a skill in itself. its starting to feel good. im beginning to understand that people want to build + grow with me, to change the world, together. your vibe attracts your tribe - and i only want high vibes.

with that, the idea of celebration comes back to mind. its no wonder that celebrating often feels like more work than work. with all this hustle i have to make time to let it all feel good, to embrace my accomplishments, my hard work, hustle + team work, in time for my birthday. to take a second, ask for help + enjoy everything i have -- that is my work. to slow down, to celebrate, to livyoung.

**drinks date offered dinner, i opted out + came home + cooked. there is something about creating, cooking, nourishing that tastes better than just consuming. so i did:
Oodles of zoodles with coconut oil, capers, crushed paper, octopus + krispy kale.

#workhard #livyoung