box + flow : year 2.5


highest sales. Shortest month. (Feb) ok baby, you crush me + exhiliarate me everyday. But I think we're onto something. @boxandflow we got this.

It seems to always take “too long” but then maybe that’s the point. When energies align, it just clicks.
After two + a half years, hard work, focused intention + vision — I know im right where i’m meant to be.
sure, my social life has suffered,
I’ve sacrificed sleep,
relationships and the like. ive learned expensive lessons + otherwise. But things take time when you build from ground up — with a dream, a certain amount of cash, and 100% ownership. Startup life is a thing. When does it end? Unsure, but I know that until I take on outside cash, I will keep on trucking to build - with people who believe in me, Who have sacrificed their salaries, sweat + time
And customers who committed regardless of “prettier” competition.
And thru it all, Ive gotten to know myself better than ever - my strengths + shortcomings, habits, + excuses. Thru challenge + triumph with resistance + ease, ive leaned into me.
And let me tell you - no matter how challenging, there is nothing more cathartic (accept hitting a heavy bag) than investing in yourself, and I don’t mean with dollars.

At the end of the day - I know it is all worth it>
no matter how frustrated running the business makes me, i #flowthruthefight.
And at the end of the 16 hr days filled with work, sweat, teaching, building, talking managing, I know it is all worth it, - because even when the going gets tough, My therapy remains teaching + taking box + flow, dancing to my playlists, sweating with my community, Living rather than existing, making the most of what I have, now. So sun up to sun down, working on my dreams, with people + for people who believe in something bigger. And thru it all, the one thing I haven’t scarificed, is me — my self worth, well being, or otherwise. #balance is available, when you get to know yourself first. it just isn’t available always.
#workhard #livyoung