How can you be everything for everyone else and still be enough for you? A thought I ponder often, because I want to give, a lot. So I do — My time, my energy, my conviction, my heart. But I’ve learned time and time again — that people pleasing will only get you so far. And while I stand tall in my energy, I know that no matter how much I give, I won’t always get the same in return.
So I come back to me.

You can’t be everything for everyone and still be enough for you. So don’t try. Make yourself full first. And from that place, you can be for others — rather than deplete your worth by filling those around you. Selfish? Perhaps. But you have to be selfish to be selfless. Focus on you.
And Celebrate that. Every Damn. day.
We are so quick to lose focus on our well being,
when we have a new kid
A new job
A new house
A new love
The first thing that escapes is self care. WHAT? Stop making excuses. Rather, make time for you! When i started box + flow, i committed to me. I limited the noise, and focused within. Now, i don’t mean just forget everyone else — On the contrary --
When you choose you, The people worth focusing on, will show up clearer. Because those who don’t respect your self care, will not stick around.
Good! Less fluff. More feel. More real.

We waste energy focusing on what others are wearing, eating, dating, doing, making$—
So fascinated or distracted by the latest fads. We don’t dress for ourselves, we dress for others. We don’t eat what we need, we eat what we’re told. We date or marry the idea of someone, work for the job title, live the life that makes “sense.” That isn't living. That is existing. Why not focus all of that energy on getting intimate with you? Your body will tell you what it needs - Spiritually, emotionally, sexually, physically. Your task is to learn to listen.
The best professional in the world can’t tell you what you crave, what turns you on, what doesnt.
This media driven existence focuses outward. Why not refocus within? Your gut will guide you
Your belly will tell you when to fuel + when it is full
Your body will show urge you to move or to rest —
Your hips will react to your desires
Your head will distract you but Your heart will show you the way
Can you recommit to the idea of making time,
To take time, for you?
One life —- In this life. Start with you. #flowthruthefight.
#workhard #livyoung

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