Salt Baked Whole Fish


Heat oven to 375 degrees. I prefer branzino. Can you snapper or another flaky white fish.

Egg Whites
Fennel Seeds
HIGH quality EVOO

Buy whole fish, gutted + cleaned. THIS IS important. Place fish on cutting board. Stuff cavity with sliced lemons, parsley stems, fennel fronds if you have. In a bowl, mix kosher salt + enough egg whites to form a paste. Not SOUPY. This forms a crust. Add fennel seeds. Place fish on a parchment or foil covered baking sheet. Create a cave around fish. Leave Head / end of tail exposed. The salt cave should be TIGHT around body like a shell. Bake for 12 - 14 minutes depending on size of fish. The crust should start to get golden. Remove from oven and allow it to rest for 7-8 minutes. It will continue cooking in shell. Crack open shall ideally in just one peice — finesse is key here. You don’t want salt everywhere. Remove skin with back of spook to expose flesh. Filet fish to serve, with drizzle of high quality EVOO. And lemon if requested.

**you can also make a sauce as seen pictured with tomatoes, olives, parsley, white wine + butter to serve. or a tapenade. or salsa verde!

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