Late Night Noods


Lets be honest. Who doesn’t like Noods?
Shown are plantain noodles via hungryroot. Use code LIVYOUNG for $25 off your first two orders.
Because if someone aint gonna send you noods, you’re gonna have to make your own.

Plantain Noodles.
Coconut Oil
Madras Curry Powder
Fresh Ginger
Chick Stock, Veg Stock or Water.

In a shallow sauce pan on high put stock or water to just cover the noods. They cook quick. Follow directions via package. When you drain them, reserve some of the liquid. Keep sauce pan on high. Add coconut oil, ginger and curry powder to make fragrant. Throw noods back in pan with the reserved liquid. Toss. Let it get gooey. Eat.

Olvia YoungComment