Salmon + Wilted Radicchio + Butter Lettuce


Look at that crispy skin though! Ever eaten wilted butter lettuce? Sorta takes the fun out of it when you take the crunch out of it but NAH its so good.

1 or 2 Anchovy Filets
Butter Lettuce + Raddichio - I buy a bag at Trader Joes and end up eating the whole thing.
Coconut Oil
Salt + Pepper or TJ Everyday Seasoning.

the secret to crispy skinned 🥥 salmon is super hot DRY pan. smokin. add salmon skin side down.
cover with lid. do not touch. after 2-3 minutes, add a knob of coconut oil. glaze with coconut amino acids @traderjoes turn heat to medium + re-cover with lid for 2-3 minutes flip—so salmon cooks to perfect medium rare. move salmon aside while finishing cooking and melt anchovy in same pan. Add butter Lettuce + Raddicho to wilt. Plate fish atop Lettuce. Lemon 🍋 squeeze and zest. Eat.

Olvia YoungComment