Guide To: Nantucket


Boarding House
This restaurant in the center of town is good enough for dinner if you excuse the overwhelmed but incredibly kind servers. They offer interesting and economical whiskey flights and tasty cornbread. The food is certainly enjoyable – try the half roasted chicken with crunchy quinoa crust, rich jus and snap peas, the half avocado with crab salad and sticky rice, or the swordfish with sweet corn and tomato salsa. Skip dessert and head to Aunt Leah’s for a piece of chocolate peanut butter fudge.

Nantucket Prime
Ignore the attractive outdoor seating destination unless you only order the clam chowder and rib eye. The New York strip was too chewy to chew and the Caesar salad was unfortunate at best.

Juice Shop
I think people come to Nantucket to wait in line for ice cream. Im serious. With that said, I didn’t have the heart for it. But the cones sure smelled good. This is on the bucket list for next time.

Best lobster rolls on the island, and an incredible setting.make a reservation WAY in advance or be open to sitting at 5pm, well before the sun sets (in Summer).

There are two locations for this local favorite. The one in Madaket is super chill and has an awesome market next door. Order fish tacos and a margarita for lunch and head next door to the market to pick up beers and their killer smores ice cream before heading to the beach. Or just skip lunch and order extra ice cream + beer. That would be the LIv Young way. (oops)

Lobster Trap
A trap. Centrally located but certainly not a reason to rush to. The steamed lobster was enjoyable enough, but the stuffed lobster was under seasoned and over promised. The best move here is 1 dozen oysters, lobster salad over mixed greens and a grey lady beer on tap. For great lobster, order for later pickup at Sayles. They’ll steam them for you - or prepare a full clam bake to take to the beach.

Something Natural
More than a few people mentioned this quaint sandwich shop on the outskirts of town close to Cisco Brewery + Bartlett Farm. Something Natural could perhaps be renamed “Something Expensive.” The whole sandwiches could easily feed 3 people and were less than stellar. Bread is baked in house but you wouldn’t know that thru taste alone. If you must, order the ham + cheese with all the condiments. Insert Cape Cod chips under top half of bread for extra crunch. Share said sandwich with friends. Grab a piece of chocolate cake to go but only to eat the vanilla buttercream icing. Discard dry cake.

Aunt Leahs
Fudge on fleek and centrally located in town. Its worth visiting Aunt Leah for her samples alone. She won’t cut you a piece smaller than ¼ pound to purchase but she’ll let you taste all the flavors without skimping on size. Try the vanilla prailine, fluffernutter or peanut butter chocolate. And get a few pieces of double bubble for 10 cents each before you leave.


Bartlett Farm
A really beautiful indoor like farmstand/grocer with lots of fun snacks by the register. They have a really nice prepared food section, product section, seafood selection, and amazing kombucha on tap. Head here pre bbq or picnic. 


Rent bikes and ride to Sconsett.

Supta Yoga
Amazing how small the yoga world becomes, as evidenced by a walk in encounter to a lovely studio in Nantucket, to find that a former teach from Modo NYC had opened on the island. Her classes are wonderful and Meg’s spirit is calming, opening and inviting. The studio is heated, the cold cucumber towels at the end of class are cooling, and the flow is totally enjoyable. Best part about the experience is the wonderful sandlewood fragrance post class.

Yoga Room
Super cute cottage style entrance with gravel lot. The owner is a wonderful soul and the yoga is well sequenced and well received by the locals and tourists alike. For more of an athletic flow, try Supta. But for a great class with nice energy and a variety of postures and levels, check out the Yoga Room. It seems to be an island favorite.


Dreamland Movie Theatre
One of nicest small town movie theaters I’ve been to complete with clean bathrooms. A perfect Nantucket rainy day activity.

Cisco Brewery
Love this spot. But then again, love any brewery. There is a lobster truck, pizza truck, and a Millie’s stand for food. They have a brewery as well as liquor distillery, live music, and fun. It is a great place to spend the afternoon.