Guide To: Canned Fish


I’m a sucker for sardines.

One mans trash is another mans treasure. Let’s speak sardine: cheap, high in protein, no prep time, no shelf life, healthy fat, full of flavor, save the oil, make a vinaigrette! No thing spared! light on your wallet + on your acquired taste, YES. But consider acquiring it.

I acquired this taste a few years ago, after anchovies perked my tin fish interest + I grew a strong love for frying my eggs in melted anchovy oil. from one canned fish to the next - sardines stole my stomach's love -- high in protein, moderate calories, manageable sodium, and cheapAF, i eat them because they taste good + of course  are good for you too.  But I also eat things that are not “good for you” - like dry aged steak, scotch + sugar. I'm all about #balance, but what I consider to be  “good for me”  is what makes me feel good. for example:
ONE mezcal negroni
burger without the bun
A reasonable handful of black licorice
A can of sardines


  1. Matiz Gallega - sourced in Galicia off coast of Spain. high quality, tender + delicate, more neutral flavor. start here.

  2. Bela - meaty + delicious. lower sodium. fuller flavor: tomato, chili + lemon.

  3. Ortiz - higher priced tuna, anchovies, mackerel + sardines. high quality, great branding, but prefer other brands.

  4. Andalusian Mackerel really tender, mild flavored, flaky, delicious, not "fishy."

  5. Trader Joes Brand- not the best, not the worst.

  6. Tonino Tuna - purchase the dark blue can, in olive oil. **fairway, brooklyn fare

  7. Flott Tuna - top quality. more expensive. harder to find (try Fairway)

  8. Anchovies - Agostino Recca

  9. Ramon Pena: i found these at Suprema Provisions. they are mini, delicate, beautiful, delicious + expensive. do it.

Where to buy:

  • Fairway

  • Amazon

  • Brooklyn Fare

  • Whole Foods

  • Dean + Deluca

  • Trader Joes

  • Despana

  • Suprema Provisions

How to eat:

  • With your hands!

  • Atop sweet potato

  • In a salad - use oil from can to marinate kale

  • In cauliflower rice

  • On top of crackers

  • Halved + roasted squash (acorn, spaghetti)

  • On top of pasta -- (tomatoes, garlic, olives -- puttanesca or parmigiano + butter or spicy tomato sauce!

  • Tossed with avocado chunks, cracked pepper, lemon.**particularly chili oil
    Out of the can!

  • Eggs with melted anchovies

  • Asparagus salad, sardines + lemon dijon

Suggested Toppings:

  • Maille Creamy dijon

  • Cracked pepper

  • Fresh Lemon

  • TJs Everything Season

  • TJs Chili Lime Salt

  • Coconut Amino acids

  • Any sort of acid to balance out the fatty oil from the can

  • Can’t really go wrong — soft texture works well with crunch but also blends with soft foods like sweet potatoes + cauliflower rice or rice. Sardines compliment foods with mild flavors because they are so strong. Lemon + cracked pepper or TJ’s everything seasoning works wonders to add an extra kick

When you let food be fun, it takes the stress out of good vs. bad., with that said, instant gratification delays dis-ease. ie eating a basket of fries - tastes good in the moment, doesn't feel so good in the next. i stand by #moderation, balance + fun. liv a little -- do what works for you. my startup diet started when I started my own business. Sardines are cheap. Pair them with champagne + you've got a well balanced meal :)

Send me questions on specifics. But that certainly takes some of the "fun" out of just feeling your food - what works + what doesn't only figures itself out when you try it!