Guide to: Daily Smoothie Styles


after I sweat, I smoothie. everyday. i look forward to it, actually. my version of a milkshake. different day, different flavor. alternate protein sources. Switch between vegan + whey. I play with different greens, herbs, spices + accoutrements. I find a way to make magic out of monotony. To make milkshakes without the milk.

my culinary school background serves me well when it comes to textures + tastes. i find simple pleasure in adding orange zest, fresh ginger or dutch processed cocoa to my base + find fun in the the subtle taste difference when using macadmia nut instead of coconut milk. There is always the consideration of how much ice is too much - or if my bag of frozen berries will bring sweet or sour to the batch. I love to watch whey protein fluff up when the vitamix pops on + how the concoction pours a marshmallow like ribbon you’d want to float in it.

after Im thru adding all the things + the @vitamix hits high. i wait with anticipation to scrape down the sides with a rubber spatula, and taste my creation. But first, I choose the vessel. Coconut oil jar, coffee mug or freshly drank la Colombe cup. No matter the glass, I always finish with my hands — a successful smoothie is one that ends up on the kitchen floor + leaves a little on my face. Its the simple pleasures. make magic out of monotony. make some today.

vegan protein
amazing grass peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, rich chocolate (whole foods)
sprout living drinkable oats
vega protein (chocolate, mocha, coconut almond, vanilla chai, vanilla)
sanosphere chocolate
whey protein
eboost chocolate + vanilla
primal kitchen chocolate coconut
naked whey peanut butter, chocolate

fruit + veggies
banana** always
frozen coconut
passion fruit
frozen peaches
riced cauliflower
canned pumpkin
sweet potato

vanilla extract
almond extract
fresh mint
coffee beans
brewed coffee
fresh ginger
dutch processed cocoa
peanut butter powder
orange zest
lemon zest
matcha powder
pumpkin pie spice
coconut meat/cream
sprinkle of sea salt brings out the chocolate flavor
powdered ginger
cacao nibs

coconut milk
almond milk
cashew milk
macadamia nut milk
oat milk
coconut water

creativity in the simplest things. smoothies bring me solace.
have fun with it. surprise yourself.
favorite recipes? in search of recipes? feedback? send me a note.

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