Guide to: Manhattan Martinis


Martinis are new for me. One is like a punch in the face though —- sometimes in a good way, sometimes not. I’m still figuring that out. Now I’ve learned that I’m a gin girl. Extra dirty. Olives matter. As much as the vessel you are served to spit out the pits. You can tell a lot about a bar by their olives. My tops:

  1. the Grill: THE Martini is dirty, cold, stirred, not shaken. Served in the most beautiful crystal, castelvetrano (the best) olives, pit cup on the side.

  2. Dante: huge fan of Dante. Moreso for their negroni hour, the boulevardier is a show stopper, their amaro selection, spritz’s on tap — but really for their almond stuffed olives. No matter. Their martini is TOP.

  3. The Wren. Yup. Cheaper olives no doubt. But coupe cup. Cold. Dirty. Win.

  4. Tak Room: everything about the service at Tak Room is top notch. Particularly the champagne cart, the cocktail service + the velvet cushioned everything. One martini puts me out — which is perfectly ok considering how comfortable their banquets are, Only issue is that I have no interest in drinking a martini in a mall.

  5. Keens: steak + martinis in an old school establishment - what could be wrong? Theirs is served with a bit more grit. I’m into that - Pipes on the ceiling. Loud room. Something a little dirty about everything at Keens, which makes the martini all worth while.

  6. Altro Paradiso: they use a Gin that is local. super clean. they even coat the bottom of the glass with a lemon rind to bring out the citrus flavors of the gin. italian olives on point. Cold, clean, perfect - really, served with a side of unfussy service, a glowing bar + arguably the best bread service (whipped ricotta + evoo) downtown.

Olvia YoungComment