Mediterranean Sardine Salad

(Serves 1 or 2)

Good fat is good for you. So for more fulfilling fat, i go back to my routine of avocados and canned fish. i have become a supporter of delicious canned sardines and italian tuna, ironic because I used to think my late grandfather was weird (and cheap) for always resorting to canned fish. the flavor is concentrated and strong. like black licorice, canned oily fish is certainly an acquired taste, a taste that i have acquired. as such, i recommend olive oil marinated sardines atop a butter lettuce salad for a healthy lunch or dinner. Add chopped herbs, lemon, high quality dijon, and flax seed croutons for crunch.

Recipe below

the makings of a good fat salad

the makings of a good fat salad


  • 1 can BELA smoked portugese sardines (lemon or cayanne), reserve the oil from the can
    for vinaigrette

  • **1 small head butter lettuce, torn from the core, leaves kept in tact

  • A few squeezes of fresh lemon

  • ¼ avocado, sliced or cubed

  • 1 tbsp chopped herbs (italian parsley, fennel fronds)

  • 1 handful day old bread, dried out or toasted with olive oil OR flaxseed crackers on the side (I love Juice Press’s crackers)

  • 1 tablespoon dijon mustard


  • Wash and dry butter lettuce leaves and assemble in a bowl

  • Top with carefully torn apart sardines straight from can, reserve oil

  • Sprinkle fresh herbs and add avocado to salad

  • Assemble dressing directly in sardine can using oil from can mixed with dijon mustard

  • Quickly whisk and lightly dress salad. (season with a pinch of salt if preferred)

  • Squeeze lemon atop to balance flavors

  • Finish with croutons or crackers

  • Top with fresh ground pepper


Eat with hands – or chopsticks as I do.
Because everything is better with chopsticks, or hands.


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