Cauliflower Gnocchi Salmon Spinach Gochujang

Yes, indeed i eat a lot of salmon. Its easy to make, full of protein, good fat, and flavor. AND i always make it different —- magic out of monotony. I love how trader joes sells it pre-cut. #buy. Truth is - i get really into a lot of things. they become habit. then i get bored - and switch it up. current feelings are heavy for salmon.


Same method as always, dry pan. crisp skin. This rendition though, the coconut oil + curry powder gave the gnocchi + salmon the perfect summer tan. Sauteed spinach + cilantro topped with sweet spicy brooklyn kitchen Gochujang Sriracha. delicious.

Madras Curry Powder
Coconut amino acids
Coconut oil
Trader Joes Cauliflower Gnocchi
Baby Spinach
Gohcujang Sriracha
Fresh Cilantro

Add frozen cauli gnocchi to hot pan. Cover for a 2 minutes. Place salmon in super hot pan skin side down. Cover with lid. When starts smoking—2ish minutes, add a tbsp of coconut oil+ curry powder on fish and gnocchi. Melt to deglaze pan + baste fish with coconut oil. Flip fish. Cover pan. Let cook to medium rare. Sautee gnocchi so they brown on all sides. Be sure to let seasoning, oil + aminos glaze gnocchi. They should be chewy in center and crunchy on outside like fish. Add handful of baby spinach. Remove from pan. Plate, top with cilantro + sriracha. Serve.

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