Good Fat


i have been well advised to eat more fat — fat fat fat. like a spoonful of coconut oil here, a spoonful of peanut butter there…you get the drill. and i mean - i LOVE fat. im that girl waiting for you to finish your chicken so i can eat the skin. same goes for fish. crispy skin? sign me up. you can have the meat. i typically will chomp on the bone of a fatty ribeye and leave most of the steak for you to consume. so for five days in Nantucket, peanut butter was the fat of choice. and i mean, i let it rip. and i like the extra crunchy style. we bought JIF & Skippy to compare. Skippy’s peanut chunks are smaller than JIFs and the taste (and texture is less pronounced.) Verdict: JIF wins this taste test.

Sweating on Nantucket was less than I’d like – I ran a combined 20 miles, avg 4 miles/day and visited a few of the yoga studios, feedback to follow. On Sunday, I ran while participating in a group meditation led by famed TM guide Bob Roth. My meditation is typically done in tandem with movement. I ran in silence and tried to keep my eyes closed as much as possible during the 20 minute meditation. it was fulfilling to be part of something bigger - a group meditation with hundreds around the world, while running in Nantucket, nonetheless.

Now back to the fat — a spoonful ++ of PB a day. i don’t recommend this routine but it certainly kept me full pre + post work out. going forward, I will satiate my peanut butter love with something less processed and more healthy, but vacation called and allowed for indulgence. and now back in New York, workouts are calling and peanut butter has been put to rest.

so for more fulfilling fat, i go back to my routine of avocados and canned fish. i have become a supporter of delicious canned sardines and italian tuna, ironic because I used to think my late grandfather was weird (and cheap) for always resorting to canned fish. the flavor is concentrated and strong. like black licorice, canned oily fish is certainly an acquired taste & a taste that i have acquired. as such, i recommend olive oil marinated sardines atop a butter lettuce salad for a healthy lunch or dinner. Add chopped herbs, lemon, high quality dijon, and flax seed croutons for crunch. Find recipe in recipe tab. #livyoung


anchovies i do not recommend. with sherry vinegar and dijon for a fatty, fishy vinaigrette.


#workhard #livyoung



Crispy Quinoa Coconut Curry Salmon + Slaw



  • asian salad mix

  • 4-6 oz piece of salmon

  • madras curry powder

  • hungry root coconut curry sauce

  • brown rice quinoa blend

  • coconut oil


  • In a smoking hot pan, add curry powder, coconut oil + 1/4 cup of brown rice blend on HIGH

  • let the rice crisp, laid out flat until crunchy. salmon, skin side down

  • Cover pan. let skin crisp, 2 to 3 minutes

  • Once it is smoking, add in coconut oil and baste fish. flip to cook thru.

  • In another pan, saute salad mix until soft

  • Toss with coconut curry sauce. plate fish on top of vegetables.

  • Top with crispy rice blend


#workhard #livyoung