Early Morning Eats

Eating breakfast is the first thing i do when I wake up. crazy? nah. just how I roll. for years it was "healthy" cereal with almond milk or greek yogurt around 5am before 5K runs, boxing or yoga. it wasn't until all too recently that I realized I really needed more fat + protein to fuel my fight + flow fire.

these days im all about healthy fat, so much so that the woman at Whole Foods last night commented on my affinity for SO many canned Bela sardines. (and not including my strong desire for See's lollipops + Nutella)

 so these days breakfast has officially migrated to egg toasts. smashed ones, to be specific.  crunchy crackers with smushy ingredients and flavors that marry so brilliantly that the toast actually melts in my mouth.  texture and temperature are important factors too. the warm + creamy toppings contrast the cool spritz of lemon and crunch upon consumption.

while it certainly isn't the prettiest toast on the web, its so good that i couldn't help but taking a bite before i posted the pic. because hey, its not all about looks, so let looks deceive you. 

Recipe Below:


  • 1 hard boiled egg (i only use 1/2 of the yolk)

  • A few slices of avocado

  • 1 laughing cow cheese triangle **yup

  • Very fruity EVOO

  • Squeeze of lemon

  • Cracked black pepper

  • Any whole grain or fiber cracker

  • Maille creamy dijon mustard

  • A very sharp pairing knife


  • Lay two crackers side by side on a pretty plate, napkin, or straight on the counter

  • Using a sharp pairing knife, apply a layer of spreadable cheese

  • Slice the egg quite thinly and remove the yolk

  • Spread the yolk evenly on top of cheese on each toast

  • Top with egg whites. top with avo slices. Then smash to combine flavors and bring ingredients to room temperature. **you don't get the full effect if anything is cold.

  • Spritz with a lemon + very fruity olive oil. cracked black pepper to finish and voila.


Yes food is fuel, but if its not delicious fuel, I say no thank you.
food + fat + fuel pre fight + flow.
Eat to enjoy.


work hard. #livyoung