curry cauliflower + crispy capers


Baby Cauliflower
Crisped Chick Peas
Curry Powder
Olive Oil
Chicken Stock

Preheat oven 400 degrees. Rub cauliflower head with olive oil + curry powder. Using a pairing knife, cut into the stem to create a whole at base of cauliflower all the way up into heart of it careful not to dislodge the florets from the actual head. Roast cauliflower until fork tender — about 30 minutes. While cauliflwer is roasting - make a puree with cauliflower rice or excess florets in a sauce pan, chicken stock, cauliflwer, curry powder. Once it is cooked thru, use a handblender to puree until thick- not saucy. In a saute pan, crisp chickpeas + capers with cocout oil + curry powder. Remove baby cauliflower from oven. Allow to slightly cool. Stuff stem with puree. Plate. Top with capers, chickpeas, excess puree to top, parsley + lemon zest.

Olvia YoungComment