Caulflower 2 Ways


“make magic out of monotony.”💫 or comfort in the form of cauliflower 2 ways:
1. crispy tandoori turmeric cauliflower, fried capers, chili sardines + wild arugula, 🍋 zest + cracked pepper atop 2. curried cauliflower purée with preserved lemon🍋 .
play with textures.
play with flavors.
play with your hands🖐
let it be a little messy.

Cauliflower Florets
Tandoori or curry
Store bought preserved lemon
Sardines (bela or Matiz in chili oil)
Cauliflower puree (cook cauliflower, pure with hand blender + some chicken/veg stock)

Heat saute pan with EVOO and spice of choice. Add cauliflower. Saute until golden + cooked thru. To speed up, cover with lid, will steam simultaneously. Can add chicken broth to soften as well. Wait until liquid evaporates. Pan still hot + dry, add capers to crisp. Throw in aruglula to wilt. Squeeze with lemon. Remove from Pan atop cauliflower puree that should be warmed with preserved lemon (this is strong only use a bit). Plate saute cauliflower mixture atop puree. Add sardines. Top with a bit of chili oil from sardine can. Cracked pepper. Serve.

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